Why Do People Put Off Estate Planning?

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Why Do People Put Off Estate Planning?

Despite the importance of estate planning for everything from passing down assets to arranging end-of-life care, there’s a significant number of Americans who put off their estate planning as long as possible. Why do so many people avoid estate planning, even if they know how important it is? The following are a few of the […]

What are the Regulations for Creating a Will in Florida?

A last will and testament allows you to designate the beneficiaries who will inherit your property upon your passing. If you die without a will, your property will be distributed according to the laws of intestate succession, in which the state handles the distribution of your assets and property. The same could be true if […]

Estate Planning Tips for Same-Sex Couples in Florida

Same-sex couples often have circumstances that require special consideration when it comes to estate planning. Below are a few tips to help same-sex couples make sure they have an estate plan that covers all their needs: Don’t stop at a will: A last will and testament is a necessity, but it is not an end […]

Florida Governor Rick Scott Vetoes Electronic Wills Act

The Electronic Wills Act for Florida was slated to go into effect on July 1. However, Governor Rick Scott vetoed the bill July 26, days before it would have been made law. The act would have allowed for the use of remote technology to help in notarizing and witnessing a last will and testament. It […]

Does Florida Law Allow Parents to Disinherit Their Children?

While many people create a will to ensure that their property passes to their children, not all families wish to do so. Under Florida law, it is possible to prevent a child or anyone else from inheriting property or assets from your estate. Traditionally, people have tried to find creative solutions to make sure that […]

When Is The Right Time to Create or Update Your Estate Plan?

If you do not have a comprehensive estate plan in place, you should consider creating one immediately. The truth is that we never know how long we have left. Even if you create an estate plan decades before you actually need it, you immediately gain the comfort of knowing that your family will be taken […]

The Importance of Having a Will Even if You Have Trusts

Everyone needs a will, regardless of how large or complex their estate is. Whether you are just getting by, or you have a detailed portfolio of real estate and business holdings, a valid and up-to-date will must be part of your estate plan. Many people with sophisticated investments and assets already make use of a […]

Do You Really Need a Will?

If you are wondering whether you need a will, the simple answer is yes. Wills protect your assets, help provide for your loved ones and enforce your wishes when you are not able to do so yourself. Most people should have a will as part of their estate plans, but it is important to understand […]

What are the Limitations of a Will?

Having a will is the important first step of the estate planning process. Wills ensure that your wishes are known and carried out after you pass away. However, there are certain limitations that restrict what a will can accomplish, including the following: Wills cannot bestow certain properties to a beneficiary: Typically, a will cannot be […]

Florida Woman Faces Charges for Allegedly Altering Stepfather’s Will

A Florida woman is facing criminal charges for grand theft, fraud and forgery after she allegedly altered her stepfather’s will to steal the inheritance. According to reports, the 46-year-old woman filed court documents in July 2013 shortly after her stepfather passed away. In those documents, she falsified the value of his estate and forged her […]