Your Will: An Important Document that Should be Kept Safe

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Your Will: An Important Document that Should be Kept Safe

Wills are important documents that help protect both you and your loved ones. They clearly outline how your property will be divided and name your beneficiaries. After drafting your will, you should be sure to keep it in a safe place, but also make sure your loved ones know where to find it in the […]

The Many Types of Wills

Wills are instruments used to pass assets from someone’s estate to his or her beneficiaries after he or she has died. There are a number of different types of wills, with each varying in the degree to which it is legally enforceable. While some people resort to hand writing their own will, such a will […]

What Provisions Are Necessary in a Will?

When you’re creating a will, it’s important to follow all appropriate guidelines to make sure its validity never comes into question. Wills require a number of provisions to be considered legal and when these rules aren’t followed there can be a number of problems following a person’s death. Additionally, there are a number of clauses […]

Where There is a Will, There is a Way

Without a will, there is no way to direct and preserve the wealth you spent a lifetime to acquire. Yet, even as retirement approaches, some put off creating a will and estate plan. The quality of a will is only apparent when it is needed. Using boilerplate or form documents to create your will could […]

Making a Will: Information to Consider

Knowing the types of information needed to get started on your will helps you move forward with this important task. An effective estate plan protects you and your family. A will is an important part of your plan. You can get a head start on your will by gathering information on the following topics to […]

Already Have a Will? It Might Not Be Good Enough

If you have already drafted a last will and testament with the help of a lawyer, you’ve taken an important step toward ensuring your family’s protection after your death. However, changes in the economic climate within the past several years have made it necessary to revisit the estate planning process with some new factors in […]

Plan for Your Children: Naming a Guardian

In developing a solid estate plan, nothing is more important than choosing the person to raise your children in the event both parents are deceased. Designating a guardian should be one of the first steps in any estate planning process. In national news, the 2012 death of former Beastie Boys member Adam Yauch publicized a […]

More Than Wills & Trusts: Estate Planning for Possibilities

Concerning estate planning, trusts and a last will and testament are usually the first things that come to mind. Although having these documents secured for your family’s future is undeniably important, there are several other vital considerations, such as advance health directives. Advance health directives are divided into three categories: healthcare surrogate designations, living wills […]