Wills in Florida

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Wills can vary in their length, complexity, instructions, and format. What is important is not the length of the will or even in what state it was signed, but the clarity with which the will expressed the desire of the Testator (person to whom the will belongs).

Wills not legal in Florida include the following:

  • Oral wills.  These are often spoken, rather than written, testaments used when there is not time to draft a written will, or the testator (will-maker) is not physically capable of doing so.
  • Holographic wills. Informal and typically handwritten, these documents are often hastily drafted.  They are usually found when there is an unexpected tragedy that results in the need for a will to be made as quickly as possible.
  • Do-it-yourself wills.  Commonly found on the Internet and in book form, these wills often use a fill-in-the-blank, one-size-fits-all format.  Do it yourself wills can be legal, but often contain things that make them ineffective or not enforceable.
  • With a Tampa estate planner at BaumannKangas Estate Law, you can be sure to get a clear and enforceable will.

Will dispute and litigation in Tampa and throughout Florida

The reasons to contest a will and engage in litigation are numerous.  At times, those not named in the will feel they should be.  Or, individuals might have reason to believe the will is not legal or valid.  They may believe the maker of the will did not have the required number or type of witnesses, or that he or she was not of sound mind at the time the will was made.  Regardless of the reason, Florida will dispute and litigation are ordeals that no one wants to go through, but they are sometimes necessary.

The skilled Tampa probate litigators of BaumannKangas Estate Law know how to successfully pursue decisive Court action on behalf of our clients in will contests.  We will not stop until we deliver to you the best possible results as allowed by will law.

Wills law in Florida

In order to have a legal will in Florida, several criteria must be met, including the following:

  • Being made by an individual 18 years or older
  • Written when an individual was of sound mind
  • Witnessed by two individuals

If these or other stipulations are not met, the result can be a will dispute.  Contact us when you need someone to stand with you in Court and make sure your case succeeds.  When it comes to will litigation, no one fights harder than the firm of BaumannKangas Estate Law.  Contact us today at 813-223-2202 if you need help with legal wills in Tampa, Florida or anywhere else in Florida.