Florida Probate

What are the Florida Probate Laws?

Probate Laws in Florida

Florida probate law exists to ensure that the estate of a person who has passed away (decedent) is legally administered.  That means resolving all claims against the will, as well as distributing the property and assets of the deceased.

Probate ensures that the instructions of the estate are interpreted, decides the executor or personal representative of the estate, and hears the interests of anyone with claims against the estate.

Why use a probate lawyer in Tampa?

The probate process can take months, even years, to be fulfilled, and the time and effort needed to complete it are substantial.  Some issues to consider about the process include the following:

  • Filing petitions with the court
  • Meeting with family members to discuss the case
  • Dealing with the creditors of the deceased
  • Potential estate litigation
  • Tax implications and fiduciary duties of the estate
  • Time off from work and travel expenses

The Tampa law firm of BaumannKangas Estate Law can minimize the stress and hassle.  We complete as many steps as we can in the case of a straightforward probate, or engage in tough litigation whenever necessary.  Tampa is centrally located in Florida and its transportation systems make it easy to access other areas of the state.  The Tampa probate attorneys of BaumannKangas Estate Law can handle probate in any county in Florida.

What happens during  probate litigation?

Probate can get even more complicated if there is a disagreement about the estate, such as family members coming to different conclusion over the intentions of the deceased.  Wills and instructions can be interpreted in various ways, executors or administrators can be lax or unethical in their duties, or creditors can make suspicious claims on the estate.
During probate litigation, each party wants to protect their interests.  When you contact the Tampa probate attorneys at BaumannKangas Estate Law, you receive the most vigorous and tenacious advocacy possible.

Florida wills and probate

Probate can be a complex matter, and not everyone has the knowledge or experience necessary to complete the process thoroughly.  To probate a will in Florida, the Court must decide:

  • If the will is valid
  • Who should be the personal representative of the estate (referred to as an executor in some states)
  • How to resolve claims against the estate

The Tampa probate law firm of BaumannKangas Estate Law knows how to probate wills in Florida.  We can advise or even accompany you to Court, or complete legal documents for you.  Do not take chances when probating a will in Florida.  Complications can arise quickly, and you want someone knowledgeable by your side when they do.

Contact the BaumannKangas Estate Law firm today.  With over 40 years in the legal field, we are your number one guide to probate in Tampa.  We help you take the steps necessary for a smooth probate transition, and always welcome any questions you may have regarding Florda probate.