How to Handle 529 College Savings Plans With Your Estate Plan

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How to Handle 529 College Savings Plans With Your Estate Plan

Many parents contribute to 529 college savings plans on for their children. The parent can contribute any amount to the 529 plan, and most do not have age or time restrictions to make withdrawals. You can easily transfer funds to another qualified 529 plan at any time without punishment and can roll over the funds […]

What to Know About Transfer-on-Death Securities and Deeds

Certain types of assets in your estate may contain transfer-on-death designations. Some examples include securities and deeds to certain types of properties. Here’s a quick overview of what you should know about these assets when they have a transfer-on-death (or “TOD”) designation. Transfer-on-death securities The Uniform TOD Securities Registration Act allows securities holders to name […]

The Stages of a Revocable Living Trust

Revocable living trusts are useful tools for avoiding probate and passing down assets to beneficiaries. There are several stages of operation for these trusts: Stage one: You, the grantor, are alive A revocable trust is created from the time you execute the trust. The trust will include information about how you can invest and spend […]

The Pandemic Resulted in More People Creating Wills

Numerous reports have indicated the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the last year encouraged more people to create a will. One study conducted by LegalZoom found 32 percent of people between the ages of 18 to 34 got a will during the pandemic. Twenty-one  percent of those people who had a will made did […]

How to Prevent Your Heirs from Blowing Their Inheritance

An important part of estate planning is determining how you will pass down your assets to your children and grandchildren. In some cases, you might have some concerns about how you can do this in a way that will prevent them from blowing all of the money at once. Here are some tips to help […]

Tips for Managing Your Money When You’re Retired

Part of estate planning is setting yourself up for long-term stability with your finances so you can distribute your assets to your loved ones as you wish. Here is a quick overview of some helpful tips for managing your money in retirement. Continue to create income in retirement: This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to […]

Common Estate Planning Myths and the Truths Behind Them

There are a number of misconceptions that exist about the estate planning process. People who have not talked to an attorney about planning their estate may be under false impressions about what the process involves, or whether it’s truly worthwhile. Here are a few examples of some common estate planning myths and the truths behind […]

The Benefits of Virtual Meetings With Attorneys During COVID-19

During the time of COVID-19, it has become commonplace for attorneys to meet with their clients virtually whenever possible. There have been so many benefits to virtual meetings that it is expected they will continue to be a service offered by many law firms even after the pandemic has subsided. Here are a few examples […]

Eligibility for Medicaid in Florida for Nursing Home Care

If you have a loved one who may need nursing home care but would like government assistance in paying for it, you will need to make sure the candidate meets all of the criteria in Florida to receive Medicaid for nursing home care. These criteria are as follows: Legal residency in Florida A need for […]

Governor DeSantis Signs New Florida Guardianship Bill Into Law

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed 21 new bills into law, which included House Bill 709/Senate Bill 994, which amended some of the state’s guardianship laws. Under the new legislation, seniors have additional protections while in the care of a guardian. The bill also contains changes to guardian oversight and reporting requirements. Changes to Florida […]