Planning for Digital Assets

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Planning for Digital Assets

These days, digital assets are more common. From Bitcoin to other assets, it is important to let your heirs know what you have stored away, where to find those assets and how to access them. Now that digital assets are more common in wills, it is a good idea to know how to plan for […]

Tips for Deciding What to Do With Your Digital Assets

We are living much more of our lives in the digital world than ever before. This means by the time you die, you will have likely amassed a collection of digital assets. Like other types of assets, you can control what happens to them with your estate plan. If you care about these digital assets, […]

Recent Trends and Issues in Estate Planning

If you’ve already developed an estate plan, that’s great! Hopefully that means you’ve given your assets and your beneficiaries some protections that are needed if you are to distribute your estate in the manner you wish. However, it’s still important to review and revise your estate plan every now and then. Not only might your […]

Digital Assets You Should Handle in Your Will

Today’s wills must account for digital assets as well as physical and financial ones. You can leave behind instructions for any or all of your digital assets in your estate plan, but only some can actually pass through your will. These are assets that you own and have real, value to them. Examples of these […]

Assets Millennials Must Consider When Estate Planning

Millennials are, in part, known for their financial consciousness. The people who make up this generation tend to be more careful with their money and property, likely as a result of coming to age during and immediately following the Great Recession. Plus, being overburdened by student loans has forced many Millennials to be as frugal […]

Managing Digital Assets in Your Estate Plan

Digital assets, just like physical assets, need to be accounted for as you develop your estate plan. You should always have a full inventory of all of your online assets and make sure someone knows about them ahead of time. Digital assets can be just about anything, including the following: Online bank or stock trading […]

New Law Allows Floridians to Choose Who Handles Their Digital Assets After Death

Florida recently enacted a law that will allow families to access the digital assets of a loved one after they die or become incapacitated. This law, known as the Florida Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act, will allow a person to designate one or more people — family members, friends or an attorney — to […]

New Law Could Provide Easier Access to Online Accounts after Death of Client

A new bill was introduced in 11 different states this month that could help give estate executors easier access to their deceased loved one’s online accounts. The legislation is named the revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act. It contains some guidelines and general procedures for gaining access to an individual’s online accounts after […]

Digital Assets Present New Challenges in Estate Planning

As technology evolves, more of our lives are now online. And as our population slowly shifts from home storage to digital, fewer people hold on to physical copies of certain types of property. This includes things like photographs, documents and various digital assets. What makes digital assets especially unique is that they may be copied […]

Drafting Your Estate Plan? Don’t Forget the Cloud

Estate planning is an important process if you want to ensure the assets you’ve built up over your lifetime get distributed appropriately after you pass on. Good estate planning takes a number of things into account, including property, investments, business interests and, increasingly, digital property. Today, an online presence is almost as important as real-life […]