Demand for Estate Planning is Booming Among Millennials

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Demand for Estate Planning is Booming Among Millennials

Estate planning among younger adults is on the rise. For the first time, millennials have overtaken baby boomers as the largest generation that is caring for both children and aging parents. With millennials having more life responsibility, it is no surprise that more of them have gotten serious about estate planning. What are some of […]

Interesting Stats About Millennials and Estate Planning

By now, a majority of millennials are in their 30s, with some approaching their 40s. This means they may be achieving a certain level of financial stability and starting a family A majority of millennials do not yet have an estate plan in place. But the number of individuals in this generation who establish crucial […]

Assets Millennials Must Consider When Estate Planning

Millennials are, in part, known for their financial consciousness. The people who make up this generation tend to be more careful with their money and property, likely as a result of coming to age during and immediately following the Great Recession. Plus, being overburdened by student loans has forced many Millennials to be as frugal […]