Strategies to Avoid Costs Associated With Probates

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Strategies to Avoid Costs Associated With Probates

Sometimes, it’s in the best interest of people planning their estate to do what they can to avoid probate. Here are a few examples of some of the strategies you can use to avoid probate. Use a trust: Revocable living trusts can be used to bypass the probate process. Trust property is not probated, meaning […]

Will Capital Gains Taxes Apply to Inheritances?

Upon your death, there may be some federal estate taxes that apply to your assets. Estate taxes only affect a fraction of estates, as the threshold for federal estate taxes is quite high. But you might be wondering whether your loved one’s inheritance could be subject to a capital gains tax as well. Here’s a […]

The Role Your Personal Representative Plays

When you create a will, you need to nominate a personal representative of your estate, who will be tasked with carrying out your wishes. Some of the tasks that personal representative will take on include: Locating assets: Your personal representative will need to locate all of your assets. This includes accessing various digital accounts and […]

Why it’s Important to Make a Will if You Have Children

While it is always important to have a will in place, it is especially important if you have minor children. Here are just a few reasons why: Guardianship: With a will, you can name who would assume guardianship of your children if you die while they are still minors. Otherwise, if you die with minor […]

Digital Assets You Should Handle in Your Will

Today’s wills must account for digital assets as well as physical and financial ones. You can leave behind instructions for any or all of your digital assets in your estate plan, but only some can actually pass through your will. These are assets that you own and have real, value to them. Examples of these […]

Governor DeSantis Signs New Florida Guardianship Bill Into Law

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed 21 new bills into law, which included House Bill 709/Senate Bill 994, which amended some of the state’s guardianship laws. Under the new legislation, seniors have additional protections while in the care of a guardian. The bill also contains changes to guardian oversight and reporting requirements. Changes to Florida […]

Considerations for Aging in Place

It is common for people to want to stay in their own homes as they age, rather than moving into a retirement community or assisted living facility. One’s ability to do this largely depends on their condition as well as the kind of home they have. But in general, it is possible to plan ahead […]

The Signs of Undue Influence in Estate Planning

One of the more common reasons for disputes over estate plans is accusations of undue influence. This involves one person exerting influence over the person planning their estate in such a way that it compromises that person’s agency and ability to make their own decisions. If one is able to prove decisions in a will […]

Yes, Electronic Signatures Are Legally Binding

The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a greater reliance on electronic signatures for a wide variety of legal documents, including estate planning documents. Some people might not have experience in using e-signing tools, and thus might wonder if they are legally binding. The answer is yes: documents signed electronically have the same […]

Alternative Methods of Estate Planning You Can Use During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a much greater need for flexibility with work and communication. People are now working remotely and having virtual meetings and conferences in place of in-person ones. With many legal offices and courtrooms being closed or having certain limitations in place due to the pandemic, it has become important for […]