Nearly 40 Percent of Wealthy Americans Have No Estate Plan

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Nearly 40 Percent of Wealthy Americans Have No Estate Plan

According to a recent survey from cable news network CNBC, more than one-third of America’s wealthiest individuals have not taken the proper steps to plan financially for their passing. The survey included 750 millionaires and found that 38 percent of participants had not created a will or otherwise acted to protect their investments or provide […]

Caring For Your Furry Friends Through Pet Trusts

Part of estate planning is thinking about how you would like to provide for your loved ones after you have passed away. For many people, this means making provisions for their spouses, children, and yes, pets as well. Fortunately, through pet trusts, a pet owner can provide for the care and maintenance of their pet […]

What Provisions Are Necessary in a Will?

When you’re creating a will, it’s important to follow all appropriate guidelines to make sure its validity never comes into question. Wills require a number of provisions to be considered legal and when these rules aren’t followed there can be a number of problems following a person’s death. Additionally, there are a number of clauses […]

Problems With Guardianships May Lead to Changes in FL

At least one news report has shown that Florida may have some serious issues with its guardianship system.  This might soon be changing. In December 2014, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune published a series of stories documenting the issues, including instances in which seniors were allegedly removed from their homes and lost their belonging due to the […]