How COVID-19 Affected Life Insurance

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How COVID-19 Affected Life Insurance

The COVID-19 pandemic changed a lot of things about our world and the life insurance underwriting market is no exception. Life insurance applications have increased significantly since 2020, while the insurance industry itself has struggled to understand the virus’s impact on mortality. Life insurance payouts have soared—to the tune of $90 billion in 2020 and […]

What to Do When Your Heir Might Blow Their Inheritance

You have worked hard all your life to generate wealth and wish to devise your estate to your children. But what do you do when you suspect a designated beneficiary could blow their inheritance? We all hope that our children will respect the money they inherit, but sometimes their personalities and specific circumstances make that […]

Nearly 40 Percent of Wealthy Americans Have No Estate Plan

According to a recent survey from cable news network CNBC, more than one-third of America’s wealthiest individuals have not taken the proper steps to plan financially for their passing. The survey included 750 millionaires and found that 38 percent of participants had not created a will or otherwise acted to protect their investments or provide […]

Why You Should Plan Ahead to Reduce Problems with Probate

When someone passes away owning assets in his or her individual name, his or her assets must go through probate, a process to insure that the estate assets are distributed to the proper beneficiaries. To help streamline this process, it’s important to set up a strong estate plan and make sure your loved ones are […]