You May Need to Change Your Estate Plan As Your Children Grow

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You May Need to Change Your Estate Plan As Your Children Grow

Many people first consider estate planning once they have their first child. It is great to take the initiative to develop an estate plan once you have heirs to consider. However, it is equally important to make sure you update your estate plan as your children age and your own needs change. When your children […]

How to Notify Trust Beneficiaries as an Estate Administrator

If you are serving as the successor trustee of a living trust, one of your primary responsibilities is to notify the trust beneficiaries of the passing of the settlor, the person who created the trust. In a simple letter to the beneficiaries, you must communicate the following basic facts: The living trust has become irrevocable […]

How Do Florida Courts Appoint Guardians for Incapacitated People?

A guardian is a legal decision maker appointed by the court to make financial or other personal decisions on behalf of a ward. There are several circumstances in which a guardian may be needed: A minor’s parents are unable or unavailable to care for the child An adult has been incapacitated due to injury or […]

Tips for Protecting Children with Disabilities in Your Estate Plan

If you are the parent of a child with a disability, you must ensure you can continue looking out for your child’s best interests, even when you are no longer here. Without the proper stipulations in place in your estate plan, your child with special needs or disabilities could be left vulnerable. Below are some […]

Key Estate Planning Tips for New Parents

The moment you become a parent is the same time that creating an estate plan becomes much more urgent. Many of new parents are unfamiliar with the strategies and tools associated with estate planning, making it somewhat of an overwhelming experience. However, estate planning does not have to be overwhelming. The following are three simple […]

How Estate Planning Affects Your Children

From your children’s first day of school to their college graduation, you strive to prepare them for any situation. However, many parents forget about one of the most important ways that they can look after their kids — an estate plan. Through your will, you can outline exactly who your children’s legal guardian should be […]