What Happens to Debts After You Pass Away?

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What Happens to Debts After You Pass Away?

Are you wondering what will happen to the debts you owe once you are no longer around to pay them? This depends primarily on the types of debts you have and the laws in your area about how those debts should be prioritized. Below is a quick overview of some of the most common types […]

Studies Indicate More than Half of Adults Do Not Have Estate Plans

Have you been putting off getting your estate plan done? You’re not alone. A 2017 study by AARP showed that only about 40 percent of all American adults have a will or living trust established. This is an alarming statistic when taken on its own, but when breaking the results down by different age demographics, […]

Choosing an IRA Beneficiary

If you wish to control who receives your individual retirement account (IRA) payouts after your passing, you do not do so through your will. Instead, you name a beneficiary for the account (and in most cases, a backup beneficiary as well). If you do not designate a beneficiary or do not complete the form properly, […]

Transferring Stocks Into Your Trusts

If you desire, you do have the option of transferring stocks and other securities into your trust. It is important, however, that you follow all state and federal laws, along with all requirements put forth by the issuer of the stock. It is highly recommended you work with an attorney during this process. To move […]

How to Deal With Stepchildren in Your Will

You can leave behind assets to stepchildren just as you would anyone else, by naming the assets you want them to receive in your will.  However, stepchildren do not have any legal right to an inheritance unless you legally adopt them. Therefore, if you do not wish to leave any assets to your stepchildren, you […]

Why It’s Important for Your Personal Representative to Have Access to Your Digital Assets

Today’s estate plans must consider digital as well as physical assets. Digital assets include online bank accounts, email accounts, social media profiles, photo storage accounts, apps, blogs, web domains and any other digital file or account. It is imperative to provide your personal representative with access to these assets. Without such access, he or she […]

You’re Not ‘Too Busy’ to Make a Will!

With as busy as you likely are each day, it might seem like an impossible task to sit down with an attorney and draw up a will. In fact, being “too busy” is one of the most common reasons cited by people for not getting around to making a will. But making a will really […]

Can You Quitclaim Property Rather Than Leaving it In a Will?

It’s common for people to use wills or trusts to leave behind property to loved ones. However, there are other options available, such as gifting property or using a quitclaim for real estate. You do have the ability to  deed your property to others during your life.  People sometimes refer to that as quitclaiming property, […]

In Which Circumstances Can an Estate Entirely Avoid Probate?

There are some circumstances in which Florida estates do not have to go through the probate process. This usually happens when the deceased person leaves very little behind in terms of assets or property. Florida offers what is called Disposition Without Administration, a process that lets a person who paid for the final expenses of […]

What’s the Summary Administration Option in Florida?

In Florida, there are three main ways to settle an estate, one of which is summary administration. This method serves as a shortcut to the probate process for estates that meet either of the following criteria: The death occurred at least two years ago. The value of the estate to be probated, including all property […]