What to Ask Your Potential Estate Planning Lawyer

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What to Ask Your Potential Estate Planning Lawyer

As you begin the estate planning process, you’ll need to find an experienced attorney to manage your case and help you develop all of the necessary documents. Here’s an overview of some of the questions you should ask potential lawyers to determine if they’re going to be a good fit for what you need. How […]

Key Tips to Help Prevent Fights Over Your Estate

When children fight over their parents’ estates, it can result in emotional distress and drawn-out legal battles that can quickly get expensive and time consuming. To help avoid this situation, here are some steps you can take when engaged in the estate planning process: Choose the right person to be your personal representative: The individual […]

Common Items Included in a Will

If you are unfamiliar the estate planning process and the creation of a last will and testament, you might get a little lost when reading a will or attempting to determine what you need to put into your own estate planning documents. To help you better understand the structure of a will, below are some […]