Should You Put Stocks and Bonds in a Trust?

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Should You Put Stocks and Bonds in a Trust?

Using trusts can help bypass probate—a process which can take several months or more. Most people hope to avoid sending assets through probate whenever possible. Did you know that you can put stocks and bonds in a trust for your heirs? Generally, stocks and bonds can be transferred into a trust under certain procedures. Here […]

What to Know About Discretionary Lifetime Trusts

A discretionary trust is a type of trust in which distributions are made at the discretion of another person (the trustee). Beneficiaries in this type of trust do not have any control over trust assets and are not able to demand distributions. These trusts are often used for minor beneficiaries. Here’s a quick overview of […]

Setting Up a Trust For a Minor

At some point in your life, you’re bound to start thinking about estate planning. It’s never too early to get your affairs in order and make provisions for how you’d like to care for your loved ones should you die or become incapacitated. Often those who are exploring estate options will look to a trust […]