Codicils Allow for Small Changes to a Will Without a Complete Overhaul

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Codicils Allow for Small Changes to a Will Without a Complete Overhaul

Do you need to make minor changes to a will? You can add an amendment called a “codicil” without having to revamp the entire document. This can be an ideal way to revise a will when you have simple changes, such as changing the name of an executor or swapping out any other provisions. In […]

Do You Really Need a Will?

If you are wondering whether you need a will, the simple answer is yes. Wills protect your assets, help provide for your loved ones and enforce your wishes when you are not able to do so yourself. Most people should have a will as part of their estate plans, but it is important to understand […]

How Estate Planning Affects Your Children

From your children’s first day of school to their college graduation, you strive to prepare them for any situation. However, many parents forget about one of the most important ways that they can look after their kids — an estate plan. Through your will, you can outline exactly who your children’s legal guardian should be […]

Estate Plan Considerations for Same-Sex Couples

Although an estate plan is an important part of any individual’s financial affairs, same-sex couples may have additional considerations to keep in mind when planning for the future. Through a sound estate plan, these couples can handle both legal and non-legal issues so that they remain protected in case one party passes away. Legal considerations […]