The Best Methods of Passing Down Real Estate

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The Best Methods of Passing Down Real Estate

The real estate you own is often your most valuable single asset, so it is important to give it some special consideration when planning your estate. While you can use a will to leave behind real property, you should be aware that doing so means the property will pass through probate, which is something you […]

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Living Trusts

Living trusts can be highly useful estate planning tools for people in all types of financial situations. Below are answers to some of the questions we most frequently receive about these trusts. Q: Why is a living trust beneficial for my estate plan? One advantage associated with a living trust is that any property you […]

Are Assets in a Living Trust Taxable?

One of the many reasons people create living trusts is to maximize their assets’ value by avoiding taxation. However, not all living trusts will protect your assets in these situations, so it is important to understand the differences between a revocable and irrevocable trust. Below is quick overview of the main categories of living trusts […]

How Living Trusts are Terminated

The biggest benefit of a living trust is that you, as the creator of the trust, maintain control over all of its assets until you pass away. But what happens after that? How is the trust finally closed? Terminating a living trust is a rather simple process. Your chosen trustee does not have to sign […]

What Types of Trusts Are Used in Florida Estate Planning?

Depending on what kind and how many assets you have and what you want to do with them once you are gone, your estate plan can be very simple or extraordinarily complex. In addition to recording your wishes in a will and putting money into joint accounts, you might choose to make use of trusts […]

Do You Really Need a Will?

If you are wondering whether you need a will, the simple answer is yes. Wills protect your assets, help provide for your loved ones and enforce your wishes when you are not able to do so yourself. Most people should have a will as part of their estate plans, but it is important to understand […]