What Happens if a Potential Guardian Is Unavailable?

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What Happens if a Potential Guardian Is Unavailable?

As a parent, you have probably considered who would care for your children should you unexpectedly pass away. Most parents appoint a guardian in their wills—but if that guardian is unavailable and no one else has been named, the state of Florida has authority to appoint a new guardian. Consider appointing backup guardians Parents often […]

Why It’s So Important to Make a Will if You Have Children

You’ve likely heard that writing a will is important, but it becomes especially so when you have children. If you pass away without a will and have children, you will not have any control over who takes custody or guardianship of your kids. Below are just some of the reasons you need to prioritize creating […]

How to Notify Trust Beneficiaries as an Estate Administrator

If you are serving as the successor trustee of a living trust, one of your primary responsibilities is to notify the trust beneficiaries of the passing of the settlor, the person who created the trust. In a simple letter to the beneficiaries, you must communicate the following basic facts: The living trust has become irrevocable […]

Key Estate Planning Tips for New Parents

The moment you become a parent is the same time that creating an estate plan becomes much more urgent. Many of new parents are unfamiliar with the strategies and tools associated with estate planning, making it somewhat of an overwhelming experience. However, estate planning does not have to be overwhelming. The following are three simple […]

Estate Planning Considerations for Single Parents

Being a single parent comes with many responsibilities that often go beyond what married people experience. One of the biggest sources of stress for single parents is the constant worry of what would happen to their children if they were to pass away or suddenly become unable to raise them. There are several estate planning […]

Do You and Your Elderly Parents Want to Avoid a Guardianship?

Yes — avoid a guardianship if at all possible. A number of people today suffer from dementia in their elder years. Sometimes families don’t realize the extent of their parents’ memory loss and its legal implications. Family members often live in other states or visit infrequently. By the time they discover their parents’ dementia, the […]

Plan for Your Children: Naming a Guardian

In developing a solid estate plan, nothing is more important than choosing the person to raise your children in the event both parents are deceased. Designating a guardian should be one of the first steps in any estate planning process. In national news, the 2012 death of former Beastie Boys member Adam Yauch publicized a […]