What Happens if a Potential Guardian Is Unavailable?

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What Happens if a Potential Guardian Is Unavailable?

As a parent, you have probably considered who would care for your children should you unexpectedly pass away. Most parents appoint a guardian in their wills—but if that guardian is unavailable and no one else has been named, the state of Florida has authority to appoint a new guardian. Consider appointing backup guardians Parents often […]

Do You Need to Update Your Will If You Have Another Child?

Depending on the terms of your original will, the birth of another child could be an ideal time for you to revisit and update your estate plan. It is not always necessary, however. With the assistance of your attorney, you can determine whether it is a task you need to complete. Here are some circumstances […]

Strategies for Changing Your Will

After you execute your will, circumstances may arise that result in the desire to change your will. You can do this at any time you wish, so long as the documents are properly executed and witnessed, and you are considered mentally competent to do so. Depending on how much you wish to change and what […]

When to Make Adjustments to a Living Will

Living wills are meant to be a valid document for the duration of your life. You should make regular updates to accommodate any changes in your own personal medical situation, or to consider any changes that occur with available medical treatments or technology as scientific advances occur. Here are a few examples of situations in […]


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