You’re Not ‘Too Busy’ to Make a Will!

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You’re Not ‘Too Busy’ to Make a Will!

With as busy as you likely are each day, it might seem like an impossible task to sit down with an attorney and draw up a will. In fact, being “too busy” is one of the most common reasons cited by people for not getting around to making a will. But making a will really […]

How to Add an Addendum to Your Will

If you wish to do so at any point, you may amend your will relatively easily to ensure the document accounts for changing circumstances in your life. You can do so by creating an addendum, also known as a “codicil” in the estate planning world. A codicil is a short document that changes some of […]

Strategies to Help You Gain More Control Over Distribution of Estate Assets

Sometimes, simply listing the assets you want to go to your children does not provide you with enough control in your last will and testament. For example, you might be worried about your child’s spending habits, fearing that he or she will burn through the inheritance too quickly. If this is a concern for you, […]

Why a Will is Important for Business Owners

While just about anyone can benefit from creating a last will and testament, this process is especially important if you are a business owner. Your will allows you to state your desires in a legally binding way regarding who you want to inherit your assets. If you do not leave behind a will, state law […]

Estate Planning Considerations for Single Parents

Being a single parent comes with many responsibilities that often go beyond what married people experience. One of the biggest sources of stress for single parents is the constant worry of what would happen to their children if they were to pass away or suddenly become unable to raise them. There are several estate planning […]

The Last Will of L’Wren Scott

In March of 2014, New York fashion designer L’Wren Scott was found dead. After a successful modeling career, Ms. Scott turned to the world of style and design. Then in 2001, she began a long-term relationship with Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger. Her suicide came shortly after tabloid reports surfaced about her relationship with […]