You’re Not ‘Too Busy’ to Make a Will!

You’re Not ‘Too Busy’ to Make a Will!

With as busy as you likely are each day, it might seem like an impossible task to sit down with an attorney and draw up a will. In fact, being “too busy” is one of the most common reasons cited by people for not getting around to making a will.

But making a will really doesn’t take that much time. Even if you have lots of family and work commitments, drawing up a will is not a complicated estate planning task. A good attorney will make sure the process goes as efficiently as possible.

It all starts with conversations

When you think about it, the process of making your will is just putting down on paper considerations you and your spouse have hopefully already discussed anyway. This includes stipulations about who would take guardianship of your minor children if something happened to you, the kinds of care you would or would not like to receive in certain health-related circumstances, whom you would like to inherit certain pieces of property and whom you would trust to serve as your personal representative.

These are all conversations you can have with your spouse at any time. Making a will simply involves getting this information down into a document in an organized fashion. If you already know what your wishes are, that makes matters much simpler for your attorney, whose job is merely to help you create the actual document. You can have your will created in a single appointment.

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