Tips for Disinheriting an Heir from Your Will

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Tips for Disinheriting an Heir from Your Will

There are some situations in which a parent may wish to disinherit a child from their will. This is not a decision people make lightly—it can be quite painful to essentially cut a child out of their possible inheritance. If you decide to do so, it is important you do it correctly—you must expressly disinherit […]

What Rights do Children Have to a Deceased Parent’s Property?

It some situations, it can be quite confusing as to who is a beneficiary when the assets of an estate get distributed. Wills often refer to children as “descendants,” “children,” “heirs” or other terms. In general, Florida estate planning laws follow the rules of intestate succession if a child has not been named in a […]

Does Florida Law Allow Parents to Disinherit Their Children?

While many people create a will to ensure that their property passes to their children, not all families wish to do so. Under Florida law, it is possible to prevent a child or anyone else from inheriting property or assets from your estate. Traditionally, people have tried to find creative solutions to make sure that […]