What Happens if a Will Beneficiary Passes Away Before Inheriting?

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What Happens if a Will Beneficiary Passes Away Before Inheriting?

During the estate administration process, the personal representative might discover that a named beneficiary under the will, predeceased the testator. What happens next depends on what is written in the will. The testator may name a contingent beneficiary, in which case that person would inherit. But if there’s no alternate beneficiary, the property might go […]

Steps a Personal Representative Should Take if No Will Can Be Found

Without a last will and testament, it is impossible to say for certain who the deceased person would have selected to serve as his or her personal representative. Therefore, the probate court takes it upon itself to name an individual to fill this role. In most cases, this person is a surviving spouse or an […]

What Rights do Children Have to a Deceased Parent’s Property?

It some situations, it can be quite confusing as to who is a beneficiary when the assets of an estate get distributed. Wills often refer to children as “descendants,” “children,” “heirs” or other terms. In general, Florida estate planning laws follow the rules of intestate succession if a child has not been named in a […]

How Does Intestate Succession Work?

Although it’s beneficial to create a will to outline what you wish to have happen to your estate and assets, it is not a legal requirement anywhere in the United States. If you pass away without a will, your property will be subject to the laws of intestate succession. This also comes into play if […]