The Signs of Undue Influence in Estate Planning

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The Signs of Undue Influence in Estate Planning

One of the more common reasons for disputes over estate plans is accusations of undue influence. This involves one person exerting influence over the person planning their estate in such a way that it compromises that person’s agency and ability to make their own decisions. If one is able to prove decisions in a will […]

Understanding the Concept of ‘Undue Influence’ in Creating a Will

When family members are blindsided by the contents of an individual’s will, they may begin to suspect there was undue influence on the testator. Perhaps they did not receive the inheritance they expected, or maybe someone else received an unusually large inheritance — someone who was not family and did not seem to be particularly […]

How Litigation Unfolded for Brooke Astor’s Multi-Million Dollar Estate

Multi-millionaire Brooke Astor lived to the age of 105 and left the majority of her estate to her only son, Anthony Marshall.  Upon his death, whatever remained would go to charities. Forbes magazine reported that her estate’s value was close to $200 million. A series of complicated legal battles ensued after her death, including the […]

What Constitutes Undue Influence in Florida?

The validity of a will can be called into question if there is reason to believe someone exerted undue influence on the maker of the will. What is considered undue influence in Florida? The elderly and the ill are too often preyed upon by unscrupulous caregivers and family members. Undue influence is behavior, coercion or […]

How to Contest a Will

If you are listed as the beneficiary in a will and have concerns about the will’s validity, you may choose to contest it. If this is the case for you, it’s important to understand under what circumstances you are permitted to contest a will, and how you should manage the process. There are four limited […]