Why Do People Contest Wills?

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Why Do People Contest Wills?

Ideally, wills are well-written, well-planned and legally binding documents that divide a decedent’s estate among heirs and beneficiaries. In some cases, however, a problem with the will’s creation or contents can make it invalid or cause disagreement about the decedent’s intentions. When this happens, an heir or people who had been named as a beneficiary under a […]

The Most Common Causes of Estate Litigation

Estate litigation can encompass a wide variety of disputes, ranging from will validity to accusations of undue influence. So what are the most common reasons that estate litigation arises in the first place? The following are a few of these causes: Contested will or trust scenarios. People will occasionally contest a will or a trust, […]

Leaving an Inheritance for Your Children

Setting up a will when you have young children can pose a number of complications. Because they are unable to manage assets on their own, you will need to figure out how to best care for them until they are old enough to assume financial control. For many people, they avoid this issue by simply […]

Dying Without a Will: Intestate Succession in Florida

Most people understand the importance of drafting a will, and yet they often put it off far too long to the point where they die without one. While this can be stressful for your family, Florida has a number of laws that allow for intestate succession so that your property is passed down to your […]

Dynasty Trusts and the Option to Protect Your Family Fortune

When you’re making plans for your estate, you may wonder not only how you can take care of your children, but how you can plan for the financial security of generations to come. Thanks to changes in the law, Florida retirees now have the option of creating dynasty trusts that offer financial protection to succeeding […]

Beware of Living Trust Mills

As more and more people forego traditional wills and turn to living trusts as their estate planning tool, many are tempted to also avoid the expense of lawyers when drafting their trust. While many companies will offer trusts at wildly low prices, people should beware before considering this low cost option. Trust mills, as they […]

Do Living Trusts Protect Against Creditors’ Claims?

As living trusts become a more and more popular tool for those making estate arrangements, people occasionally get misinformation as to how they function. One common misconception is that living trusts are a legal way for you to leave assets to your family without worrying about creditors’ claims. On the contrary, while living trusts remain […]

Living Wills: Planning for the Unexpected

Whether from illness, accident or old age, individuals are unfortunately often left unable to direct their own medical care. For these reasons, it is important to have a document known as a living will in place.   Living wills are legal documents that expressly state what kind of medical care you do or do not […]

Avoiding Probate with Joint Tenancy in Florida

One of the most common questions an estate attorney hears is how a person can avoid probate. This legal process wherein your property is accounted for and transferred according to the terms of your will can be a lengthy and expensive ordeal. Fortunately, one of the easiest ways to save your family from the trouble […]

Living Trusts Versus Wills

A common question people have in the estate planning process is the differences between living wills and trusts. Although both are excellent estate planning tools, often people lack a full grasp of what these documents actually do and are ill prepared to make such an important choice between them. Both documents offer you the ability […]