Living Wills: Planning for the Unexpected

Living Wills: Planning for the Unexpected

Whether from illness, accident or old age, individuals are unfortunately often left unable to direct their own medical care. For these reasons, it is important to have a document known as a living will in place.


Living wills are legal documents that expressly state what kind of medical care you do or do not wish to receive. For instance, living wills might explain that you do not wish to be kept alive on life support or that you are willing to undergo risky surgery. These documents can be a source of relief for relatives and other loved ones who would otherwise be left making these decisions without the benefit of your input.


Decisions like these are often divisive among family members and can even evolve into legal battles. A living will takes the guesswork out of the situation and leaves medical professionals with clear directives on how to best handle your care.


Living wills are quite different from living trusts or traditional wills in that they do not have anything to do with handling your property. Living wills are meant only to account for your care while you are still alive. Only after your death will the other documents take effect.


Drafting a living will not something most people look forward to, but it’s necessary to best protect you and your loved ones in the event you pass away or become incapacitated. For reliable assistance related to setting up a living will, work with the Florida estate planning lawyers at BaumannKangas Estate Law.