Key Estate Planning Tips for the Elderly

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Key Estate Planning Tips for the Elderly

People of all ages can benefit from some thorough estate planning, but it becomes especially important to create and adjust your estate plan as you reach old age. You need to take care of your estate plan before a situation arises in which you are unable to handle your own affairs. Below are a few […]

What Constitutes Undue Influence in Florida?

The validity of a will can be called into question if there is reason to believe someone exerted undue influence on the maker of the will. What is considered undue influence in Florida? The elderly and the ill are too often preyed upon by unscrupulous caregivers and family members. Undue influence is behavior, coercion or […]

How to Talk to Your Parents About Their Estate Planning

If you are like most people, bringing up estate planning with your parents is extremely awkward. You may worry that your parents may think you are just trying to find out how much money you may inherit. However, if you are likely to be the person to take over your parents’ finances when they die […]