How to Discuss Your Estate Planning Wishes With Your Family


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How to Discuss Your Estate Planning Wishes With Your Family

Estate planning can be a difficult topic to discuss. After all, it’s understandable to not want to think about your own mortality. However, discussing your estate plan with your family is an important part of making sure your wishes are carried out. It also allows you to work through potential issues or arguments among family […]

Tips for a Successful Business Transition to the Next Generation

If you own a family business, part of your estate planning process should focus on how you will pass down your business to the next generation, be it your children or someone else. There are, of course, some steps you’ll need to take internally within your company as well. But you should consider succession planning […]

Basic Guidelines for Choosing a Personal Representative in Florida

Your personal representative will play a crucial role in the administration of your estate after your death. They will protect and manage your property until all taxes and debts are satisfied, all assets distributed and an order of discharge is entered. Florida has specific requirements that you must follow when selecting a personal representative. A […]

Estate Planning Considerations After a Dementia Diagnosis

It can be tough to come to terms with a dementia diagnosis. People who suffer from dementia could see significant decreased cognitive ability and memory. In the wake of a dementia diagnosis, you should take immediate action to develop or update estate planning documents. These documents are only legally valid if the person signing them […]

Giving Gifts to Reduce Your Federal Estate Taxes

The vast majority of Americans will not need to worry about estate taxes affecting their estate. However, for those who are near or above the current federal estate tax exemption ($11.7 million for each person as of 2021), there are some strategies you can employ to reduce your tax liability. One such strategy is giving […]

Retirement Assets Can Be Designated to Charities

If you’re looking for ways to support charitable organizations in your estate plan, you should consider leaving retirement assets to a charity or cause of your choosing. Retirement assets are often among the highest-taxed assets in an estate, so if you are looking for ways to reduce your potential estate tax liability. The primary advantages […]

Updating a Will After the Birth of Another Child

When you first created your estate plan, you might have had fewer children than you have now. Does your current will provide for your after-born children? If not, you may want to revise your will. You should at least review your will and see if there is any language that needs to be updated. Here […]

Be Careful When Making Certain Types of Gifts

Gift giving is a popular estate planning strategy to reduce the taxable value or your estate. However, the IRS has some very strict rules in place that govern the nature and amount of gifts you can give within a certain time without taking a tax hit. Here are a few strategies you should avoid if […]

Should You Update Your Will When Moving to Florida?

More people moved to Florida last year than any other state. Whether they’re moving for work, for the weather or for retirement. If you already have a will or other estate planning documents in place, you might wonder whether you need to modify them once you become a Florida resident. Here are a few of […]

What You Should Know About DNR Orders

A Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order is used to instruct care providers who receive a patient not to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or various other life-saving procedures to restart a heart or breathing. Examples include external chest compressions, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, electric shock, heart injections and various other CPR methods. These orders are typically established by […]