Planning for Long-Term Care

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Planning for Long-Term Care

Many people over 65 will need long-term care at some point. Whether family members are willing and able to help care for your needs, or you need to consider other long-term medical care solutions, there are options available. Most traditional health insurance plans and Medicare do not cover in-home care, assisted living or nursing homes. […]

A Major Risk to Manage When Near Retirement

As you get closer to your ideal retirement date, it is understandable to become nervous about market volatility. A major crash could be devastating to your ability to retire on time. Therefore it is so important to plan around potential market volatility in your savings and retirement planning, and stay focused on managing that potential […]

Tips for Choosing the Right Place to Retire

It’s never too soon to start planning for your retirement or for engaging in estate planning. In fact, a lot of retirement and estate planning goes hand in hand. If you plan to retire in a new state, you should revisit your estate plan with an attorney licensed to practice law in the state you […]

Considerations When Looking for a Retirement Destination

The average age of retirement has risen from 63 to 67 years old. In addition, according to the AARP, 40 percent of baby boomers now say they plan on working until they die. If you are part of the other 60 percent, you may be tired of living in the same place. In fact, if […]