Negotiating Your Will When Stepchildren are a Factor

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Negotiating Your Will When Stepchildren are a Factor

In some situations, drafting a will can be a complex matter, especially if you have a large and extended family and many people you would like to name as beneficiaries. If you have stepchildren, you may wish to dictate exactly how your assets and property will be distributed to these individuals upon your passing. Occasionally, […]

Getting Your Affairs in Order Will Give You Peace of Mind

You may have heard that it is never too early to get your affairs in order. While this might seem like ominous advice, an important point to remember is that when you begin estate planning early, you can rest easy knowing you don’t have to think about it during the twilight of your life. Retirement […]

What Provisions Are Necessary in a Will?

When you’re creating a will, it’s important to follow all appropriate guidelines to make sure its validity never comes into question. Wills require a number of provisions to be considered legal and when these rules aren’t followed there can be a number of problems following a person’s death. Additionally, there are a number of clauses […]

Can Artificially and Posthumously Conceived Children Inherit under the Law?

Although advances in assisted reproductive technology (ART) are changing the traditional definition of parenting, many states’ laws are not keeping pace with science.  Most states adhere to the Uniform Parentage Act which holds that the presumed father of a child conceived by his wife is the father of that child, no matter whose sperm was […]