Three Estate Planning Mistakes You Should Avoid


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Three Estate Planning Mistakes You Should Avoid

Planning your estate takes courage and commitment. Many people who labor over setting up an estate plan fear the cost, the hassle and the prospect of death itself. Yet estate planning doesn’t have to be that anxiety-inducing task you’ve been meaning to get around to but keep putting off. At the same time, you shouldn’t […]

Pet Trusts: Taking Care of Your Pet After You Die

If you have a will, when was the last time you updated it? While your last will may contain provisions about your children, spouse, siblings and other relatives, have you thought about what will happen to your beloved pet if something should happen to you? Many individuals who enter the estate planning process have thought […]

Estate Planning Lessons Learned from Casey Kasem

If you’ve been following the latest celebrity news, you may be curious about what’s going on with Casey Kasem. Kasem was a well-known music and radio personality and actor who, among other things, hosted America’s Top 40 music countdown. At 82 years old, the icon was suffering from Lewy body dementia — a condition that […]

The Last Will of L’Wren Scott

In March of 2014, New York fashion designer L’Wren Scott was found dead. After a successful modeling career, Ms. Scott turned to the world of style and design. Then in 2001, she began a long-term relationship with Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger. Her suicide came shortly after tabloid reports surfaced about her relationship with […]

How Litigation Unfolded for Brooke Astor’s Multi-Million Dollar Estate

Multi-millionaire Brooke Astor lived to the age of 105 and left the majority of her estate to her only son, Anthony Marshall.  Upon his death, whatever remained would go to charities. Forbes magazine reported that her estate’s value was close to $200 million. A series of complicated legal battles ensued after her death, including the […]

How Does Florida Homestead Law Relate to Estate Planning?

Homes are a significant part of most people’s estates and legal approaches used in estate planning are important for passing on a homestead. Florida Statutes contain guidelines related to homesteads that protect the rights of spouses, children and other descendants. Spouses have several legal rights to a homestead upon the death of their spouse: Life […]

What Dying Intestate Means and Why You Want to Avoid It

Dying intestate refers to dying without a will. Because no legal documents exist to administer the estate, the court abides by state intestacy laws and must appoint a representative to administer the estate, whom you have not chosen. When an individual dies intestate, Florida Intestate Succession statutes dictate which family members inherit assets and the […]

The Potential Sale of the Clippers from an Estate Planning Perspective

Recently, the media reported extensively about Donald Sterling, the Los Angeles Clipper owner whom the National Basketball Association (NBA) banned for life because of his alleged racist remarks. According to a CBS News release, the NBA Commissioner is pressuring Sterling to sell the Clippers. However, there are significant monetary factors involved with selling now: Sterling […]

Where There is a Will, There is a Way

Without a will, there is no way to direct and preserve the wealth you spent a lifetime to acquire. Yet, even as retirement approaches, some put off creating a will and estate plan. The quality of a will is only apparent when it is needed. Using boilerplate or form documents to create your will could […]


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