Estate Planning Misconceptions

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Estate Planning Misconceptions

It’s time to create an estate plan—but how should you distribute your assets? These common estate planning myths and misconceptions can scare off would-be testators. While working with an estate planning attorney is the best way to ensure your estate is divided and distributed according to your wishes, understanding the truths behind these misconceptions can […]

Some of the Most Common Estate Planning Misconceptions

Most people try to avoid thinking about their own mortality, which is why there are so many people who put off estate planning as long as possible. Because there are so many people who actively avoid thinking about getting their affairs in order, there are a number of misconceptions that exist about estate planning. Here […]

Misconceptions About Estate Planning in Florida

There are many reasons you may be putting off planning your estate — you want to wait until your children are older, you fear losing control over your assets or maybe you just don’t think it is necessary. Unfortunately, there is an abundance of inaccurate information about estate planning in Florida. This misinformation may be […]