Estate Planning Tasks to Get Done While Quarantined

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Estate Planning Tasks to Get Done While Quarantined

Most of us are stuck at home for the foreseeable future due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even if you’re still working from home, chances are you’re finding yourself with quite a bit more free time than you’re used to. This down time is a perfect chance for you to get some important tasks done at […]

Estate Planning Steps to Take When You Have a New Baby

Becoming a new parent results in a whole lot of changes in your life. It also tends to be a life event that encourages young people to finally take their estate planning seriously. Your child’s future will be greatly affected by the decisions you make now in your estate planning. It is important for you […]

When Can a Will Be Declared Invalid?

There are some circumstances in which a person might challenge the validity of a will. As you prepare your will, it is important for you to create it in such a way that it avoids any of these potential pitfalls so it withstands any potential challenges it might face. Undue influence: If there is any […]