A Look at Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s Estate Planning

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A Look at Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s Estate Planning

Celebrities are generally in the limelight, and consequently, we can often learn valuable lessons from their errors. As far as learning from mistakes, estate planning is no different than many other areas of life. According to the Forbes, Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s estate is worth $35 million. Even so, the most current version of Hoffman’s will, […]

The Perfect Trust (For You)

Revocable living trusts, irrevocable trusts, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, special needs trusts, education trusts, testamentary trusts, trusts with tax provisions and trusts without. Trusts come in all shapes and sizes and can do most anything you want them to. The key is to determine exactly what you need a trust for and to […]

Leaving an Inheritance for Your Children

Setting up a will when you have young children can pose a number of complications. Because they are unable to manage assets on their own, you will need to figure out how to best care for them until they are old enough to assume financial control. For many people, they avoid this issue by simply […]

Dying Without a Will: Intestate Succession in Florida

Most people understand the importance of drafting a will, and yet they often put it off far too long to the point where they die without one. While this can be stressful for your family, Florida has a number of laws that allow for intestate succession so that your property is passed down to your […]