Should You Leave Your Assets to Charity?

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Should You Leave Your Assets to Charity?

Giving money or assets to charity is a popular philanthropic deed. It is a nice way to support causes or communities that you appreciate, even after you pass away. Whether you leave part or all of your estate to charity, there are many different ways to achieve your charitable goals. Plus, it can have some […]

Cryptocurrency Becoming Increasingly Common in Estate Plans

As more people enter the cryptocurrency sphere, the uses for crypto are becoming more widespread. For example, donations to charitable organizations using cryptocurrency are becoming more common through wills and trusts. Crypto in the nonprofit world At this point, approximately 10 percent of Americans own some form of cryptocurrency. Crypto has left behind its roots […]

Bequeathing Non-Cash Assets to a Charity in Your Estate Plan

Many people choose to leave money to charities in their estate plan as a way to support their favorite organizations or causes. Doing so also can decrease their potential estate tax liability. However, making gifts to charities under your estate plan does not have to mean giving them cash. There are other types of assets […]

Leaving Behind Assets to a Charitable Cause

When you plan your estate, you have the option to leave some assets behind to charitable causes, in addition to what you give your other beneficiaries. There are several strategies through which you can do this: Wills: If you have a will, you can make a bequest to the charity or cause of your choice. […]