How Personal Representatives Locate Assets

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How Personal Representatives Locate Assets

When a loved one dies, you might be named as personal representative. It is the personal representative’s responsibility to locate their assets so they can be distributed according to the will. Here is a quick guide to locating assets: What kind of documents must be located? Generally, the personal representative needs to look for a […]

How to Determine Who Should Be Your Personal Representative

Choosing a personal representative (some states still call him or her an executor) can be a major decision when it comes to estate planning. This individual is responsible for handling the finalization of your financial affairs, along with carrying out the wishes you’ve outlined in your will and other documents. When you are deciding whom […]

What are the Major Steps of the Probate Process?

Probate is a process by which a deceased person’s estate is settled and finalized. Although this involves probate court, the bulk of this process is administrative and handled outside of the courtroom.  In fact, it is rare for a person administering an estate to go to the courthouse for any reason. The following are the […]