Common Life Events that Require an Updated Will

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Common Life Events that Require an Updated Will

When a major life event occurs, it’s important to update your will to reflect changing circumstances. Whether you are revising your will to add a new family member or simply wish to include additional assets, consider the following life events that typically require an updated will: You get married: When you enter into a marriage, […]

Deciding on Whether to Compensate Your Trustee

As part of your estate planning process, you may choose to allocate a portion of your assets into a trust. By doing so, you transfer ownership of included property to a designated trustee who, in turn, manages the funds for a beneficiary. Although not all trustees are paid, some do receive compensation because of the […]

Estate Planning for Married Couples: Tips to Secure Your Future

A comprehensive estate plan can be one of the best ways to provide for your spouse financially in the event of your passing. Yet, many couples fail to take any step toward crafting a plan that protects assets and loved ones. If you feel unsure about your financial preparedness, the following are several ways to […]