Put All Your Funeral Wishes in Writing in Your Estate Plan

Put All Your Funeral Wishes in Writing in Your Estate Plan

One of your estate planning goals should be to make matters as easy as possible on your surviving family members when administering your estate. Although it’s never pleasant to think about your own funeral and your wishes for the service and your burial, having a clear plan in writing long before you pass away can remove at least one source of stress for your loved ones.

As you develop your estate plan, consider the following details and how you would like to proceed on each point:

  • Where you want your funeral gathering or service to be held
  • Whether your body will be cremated or buried
  • The type of memorial ceremony you want and the structure it will take
  • Who should be invited to your memorial or funeral
  • Who should be the person facilitating the ceremonies that happen
  • Whom do you wish to speak at your service or give a eulogy (if anyone)
  • Whether you will have your body present in a casket at the service, and if that casket will be open or closed
  • Any specific people you would like to name as pallbearers, if you are to be buried
  • Any special music, food, readings or other details you would like included in the event
  • Special clothing in which you wish your body to be dressed, or specific items you would like buried with you
  • Sources to which friends and family can submit flowers or donations

You may also include specifics as to how you want your obituary to be written or any other organizational items you wish to take care of before your passing.

For more information and guidance on planning your funeral in advance, speak with a dedicated Florida estate planning lawyer at BaumannKangas Estate Law.