20-Year-Old Florida Man Wins $450 Million Jackpot in Lottery

20-Year-Old Florida Man Wins $450 Million Jackpot in Lottery

Shane Missler, a 20-year-old man from Port Richey (near Tampa) was recently announced as the $450 million Mega Millions jackpot winner.

The jackpot reached previously unseen heights thanks to rules that were changed last year to make winning more difficult. There were 23 total drawings before Missler’s ticket was selected as the lucky winner January 5.

Missler has mostly avoided media attention since winning, but has stated he plans to pursue some of his passions while also helping his family and becoming active in philanthropic causes.

Estate planning important for high-wealth individuals

Anyone who is fortunate enough to win or inherit a large sum of money should make consulting an estate planning attorney a priority. A skilled lawyer will help you save taxes and administrative costs, how to put in place a method for managing you winnings, and how you can ensure you eventually pass on some of it to your heirs according to your exact wishes.  Florida law, like other states, requires the publication of the name of lotto winners.  However, did you know there are ways to minimize how many persons know who the winner really is?

An estate planning attorney, for example, can help you set up a trust to ensure your money is protected, as well as connect you with financial specialists who can assist you in budgeting and investing.

There are countless examples of lottery winners who have accepted their winnings only to blow through them quickly — or to be inundated with sudden requests for help from “long lost” family members and friends. The estate planning lawyers at BaumannKangas Estate Law have experience representing and counseling lotto winners and can help protect you from these issues by providing solid advice on how to keep your winnings safe (and growing) for years to come.

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