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Why do you need a Tampa estate planning law firm?  Perhaps you have assets you would like to protect for future generations.  Perhaps you own property that you feel should be passed onto a charity after you are gone.  Or maybe you think it is time to take a few moments and simply make out a will.  Whatever the reason, if you are concerned about your future or that of your loved ones, you need the guidance that Tampa estate planning law firms can provide.  With over 30 years of experience, BaumannKangas Estate Law., is your top choice for preserving and protecting your legacy.

We are ready to help

Our estate planning law firm in Tampa is ready to assist you with the following:

  • Making wills in Tampa and the surrounding area
  • Setting up a trust
  • Designating a Power of Attorney
  • Appointing a  guardian
  • Donating to charitable organizations
  • Completing advance directives and Tampa living wills
  • Minimizing estate taxes and avoiding probate

Contact the team at BaumannKangas Estate Law., to discuss how we can best help you in securing your Tampa estate planning goals.

Tampa probate law firm

When complications arise

The legal process does not always run as smoothly as it should.   Sometimes a loved one dies without a trust — a situation that a Tampa estate planner can help prevent.   Or, perhaps creditors are attempting to seize assets of the estate in order to satisfy the debts of the deceased.  Both these circumstances, as well as many others, can result in legal disputes and the need to go through probating a will in Tampa.

That is where the firm of BaumannKangas Estate Law. steps in.  Our Tampa probate law firm aids individuals and families who need to go through court procedures in order to administer the estate of a decedent (person who passed away).  In essence, this is what Tampa probate means.  We assist survivors of the decedent in the following:

  • Filing a Petition to Probate
  • Locating the assets and creditors of the decedent
  • Protecting the assets of the estate from creditors
  • Paying any needed taxes on the estate
  • Filing a Petition to Discharge
  • Acting as litigator if the estate is challenged

When you need strong advocacy and wise counsel, contact the Tampa probate attorneys at  Phillip A. Baumann A.P.A. Call today:  813-418-7380