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At BaumannKangas Estate Law, we have seen during our decades of handling estate litigation the calamity that can result when an estate administrator or fiduciary does not have experienced legal representation.

Unrepresented and under-represented fiduciaries commonly breach their duties, most often unintentionally. A breach of duty usually deprives beneficiaries of valuable rights, incurs unnecessary taxes and accounting costs, dissipates estate assets, and sometimes leads to wasteful litigation. Our advice can save your estate and your fiduciary from the harmful effects of a breach of fiduciary duty.

Empowering fiduciaries

You can rest assured that if we are hired to advise the personal representative of your estate, your trustee, your attorney in fact under a power of attorney, or other fiduciary representing your estate, that your fiduciary will receive experienced, capable advice and representation that supports effective and efficient administration of your estate according to your wishes.

Our representation ensures debts are settled, assets are distributed, and all appropriate taxes are paid. When probate is required, we will attend court proceedings that close the estate.

We fully understand estate, tax and probate laws and can make this process as easy as possible.

The lawyers of BaumannKangas Estate Law are trusted estate advisors.

If you are a fiduciary, we can advise you on the legal and proper way to execute your duties, to protect you from litigation and help you meet your responsibilities to the person whose estate or trust you are administering, the beneficiaries of the estate or trust, the creditors of the estate or trust, and taxing authorities.

Let us help

Your choice of an estate law attorney is vital to successful estate and trust administration. Contact BaumannKangas Estate Law for experienced guidance through this complex process.

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