What Can an Estate Planner Do for Me

What Can An Estate Planner in Tampa Do For Me?

Why use an estate planner in the state of Florida?

You may ask yourself why you even need a Tampa estate planner.  Is it not possible, and legal, for you to form your own estate plan in Tampa, or settle that of a loved one?  Hypothetically, the answer is yes.  But only a Tampa estate planning attorney is familiar with the wide array of law, policies, procedures, and constant changes that affect estate planning. 


Our services in Tampa and the entire state of Florida

The Tampa estate planning law firm of Phillip A. Bauman can fully engage in areas of the law that would be difficult for an individual to attempt on their own.  For instance, we can:

  • Prepare wills, advance directives, and trusts
  • Show you how to protect and preserve your assets
  • Demonstrate how to minimize the taxes on an estate
  • Show you effective ways of donating to charity
  • Discuss how to assign a power of attorney
  • Administer an estate or trust
  • Assist with guardianship issues
  • Help you avoid or complete the probate process
  • Deal with creditors of an estate
  • Help resolve claims against will, estate, or trust
  • Engage in estate litigation
  • Address any legal questions regarding estate planning

Let us help you

The complexities of Tampa probate and Tampa will litigation are daunting.   Contact Philip A. Baumann, P.A. for the skilled legal services you need when dealing with estate planning law in Tampa.